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Arctic Oven tents come standard with all the bells and whistles!  Since 1987, we have been testing, experimenting and perfecting the design and features to create the most versatile and comfortable camping tent in the world.  Learn more here!

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Arctic Oven tents have their very own website!  We have packed it full of great information about the Arctic Oven tent!  There is even an all new shopping cart that makes it even easier for you to get your hands on these top-of-the-line tents! Check it out today!

Jim & Eva Shockey have hunted ALL over the world and have slept in many shelters and conditions, but they finally found the shelter that will keep them warm & dry in all conditions - the Arctic Oven tent! 

“The Arctic Oven tent is a category-leading product known for its exceptional quality,” says Jim Shockey. “Our team is safer and more comfortable during our adventures in the wild lands, thanks to the Arctic Oven tent.”

Learn why the Shockey's have switched over to the Arctic Oven tent!

The Arctic Oven tent is the ultimate all-season camping tent!  The superior design and craftsmanship has redefined the standard of quality, durability and functionality.  To keep up to date with Arctic Oven tent information and upcoming promotions, please sign up for our newsletter:

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